Welcome To April And Shudder’s Halfway To Halloween Month

Shudder Halfway To Halloween

With the end of March comes April, and for Shudder, that also means it’s time for the streaming service’s ‘Halfway to Halloween’ celebration. While October is always a busy time in the horror scene calendar, Shudder offers access to horror content all-year round.

Shudder has been running its ‘Halfway To Halloween’ campaign for a few years now, and it’s basically a month-long event where the service makes available additional content including specials. So far, this year’s event looks to be no different.

In its latest promotional video for its Halfway To Halloween 2023 celebrations, Shudder confirms that a number of new shows and special events will be available to watch during April.

Slasher: Ripper looks like it will be one that’s particularly worth watching out for. For those keeping count, this is the fifth and latest installment in the Slasher series and sees the action traveling back to the 19th century.

The new Slasher Ripper series starts streaming April 6th on Shudder.

Some of the other new content that Shudder subscribers can look forward to during April include Kids Vs Aliens, From Black, The Unheard, The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs and The Boulet Brothers Halfway to Halloween Special, among others.

If you’ve yet to give Shudder a try, then outside of October, April might be one of the best times to do so.

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